Using Themes to Decorate a Bathroom

Themes-for-BathroomIf you are planning to decorate a bathroom, or redecorate for that matter, getting started can seem like a daunting task. Where do you begin? Starting with a theme can be the easiest way to begin. Themes are plentiful when it comes to a bathroom design. Let’s explore how to decide on a theme and decorate around it.

Theme Options for Bathroom

Whether you prefer an actual style of a theme or just like a particular color scheme, that can be the start of your theme. Even a theme of blue and yellow can work well for you, if those are favorite colors for you, that is.

Under-the-sea or tropical are popular themes for bathrooms. After all, the bathroom has water as it’s main component. But, if that doesn’t thrill you, not to worry. You don’t really need to go with a water theme. How about a floral theme? If you love a particular flower, like roses, you can decorate your bathroom entirely around a rose theme. Do you enjoy comical or whimsical things? There are numerous theme options in those lines. Think about things like the Sunday newspaper comics for decor ideas.

Are you into vintage, antique or retro styles? The bathroom can be designed around one of those themes as well.

The options for bathroom themes are as numerous as your imagination can get. So don’t be afraid to start with a theme, then you can build from there.

Building on Your Bathroom Theme

Great you’ve come up with a theme. Now what do you do to the bathroom to decor it? At Easy Bathroom Decor, we aren’t into doing tons of hard labor to create that perfect look. Painting isn’t our favorite thing to do. So we take what is already in place and start adding to it.

Here’s an example. My sister bought a home recently that had an old avocado colored bathroom. Literally. All the porcelain, including the tub, toilet and sink were all done in avocado green. She didn’t have the budget to replace all of those, so she turned to her decorating sis, that’s me.

She’s something of a whimsical nut, so we started there. First off went up a flip-flops shower curtain. Brightly colored with plenty of whimsy added in. Then we chose summer striped towels. We found a set of stripes that included that avocado green. A pair of green flip-flops (the real ones) hung on the wall above the toilet. A set of white decorative soaps went in a small yellow dish by the sink. The effect turned out amazing. Just those little touches made her ugly avocado green bathroom turn into a marvel of whimsy for her.

It’s All About What You Enjoy

Whether it’s a guest bathroom or your own bedroom bath, you want to enjoy it and love being in it. So don’t be afraid to add the little decor touches that make sense for what you love. And never think that you have to have the designer bathroom from the glossy magazines. If that’s out of your budget, then use your budget to have some fun. Create that space that you love to be in. No matter what the style or theme.

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