Seashell Theme Shower Curtain Hooks

Shell-Bathroom-Shower-HooksWhen you have a tropical or beach theme in mind for your bathroom decor, little accessories like shower curtain hooks can make a huge difference. Just these simple little additions add up to a great look.

Work with your own theme or decorating style to create a bathroom that you love. It’s that simple.

Working with Your Theme

Themes are such an easy way to pick out the accessories and decor items that you want to use in your bathroom. You can make that theme as tightly focused or as broad as you like. With a tropical theme, you can use just about everything within a beach or ocean look, or you can go with just one part of that. Seashells work well as just that small part. Or the seashell look can work well to be just one of many theme accessories you use.

Adding the little extras like seashell shower curtain hooks, or seashell soap dishes can make the theme easy to achieve. Even a few wall decals can be all you need.

Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks

A beach theme is one of those that I have had the fun of using in my own decorating. Seashell shower curtain hooks always add that cute extra touch.


 Seashell Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks Set, assorted ant Scuba Jewels Sea Shells and Star Fish Hand-Painted Resin Shower Curtain Hooks 12 Shower Curtain Hooks Rings Seashell Blue

There are plenty of style and colors choices to pick from. But these are some of my favorites. When I’m working with a natural beach or tropical theme, I like to use shower curtain hooks that look like real seashells, but when I have someone who likes a certain color scheme, there are fun choices for seashells in those colors, too.

Working within Your Style for Bathroom Decor

Every theme can have multiple styles within it. Like a modern tropical theme, a vintage one, an eclectic one, even an elegant version. The style you chose for your own beach/tropical theme can be any one of these or more. The important factor is to keep with what makes you happy. If the rest of your house is an elegant look, you probably won’t be happy with a whimsical bathroom. So make sure you are happy with the total effect and don’t worry about the trends that are out currently.

More Seashell Options

I only chose three options to show you here, but there are plenty more in many different styles, colors and prices categories. Just take a look at Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks to find lots more, including the set featured at the top.

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