Owl Bathroom Decor: Little Extras

Owl-Bathroom-DecorCreating a themed bathroom is easy to do when you make use of the little extras and accents around the room. Owl bathroom decor is a favorite decorating theme. The cute look of owls make for a great effect in the bathroom. Adding the little extras are what will bring this theme to life.

Accents and Accessories to Make the Theme

There are plenty of choices for owl bathroom accessories and accent pieces. I feature some of them here. Plus, I’ll show you how to use them in your owl bathroom decor. There are fun ideas to use a little extra in a unique way to create a fun bathroom theme.

Just to let you know, I am skipping some of the obvious choices for owl bathroom decor, like shower curtains. It’s hard to show you how to use them in a unique way! But most people start with shower curtains when they think of decorating a bathroom.

It’s really the little extras that do wonders to create a great look with a theme. So that’s where I will put my focus for you.

Fun Owl Bathroom Decor

Since this is more about a fun look in owl bathroom decor, these featured items will help you see the potential in your own bathroom. We aren’t talking about a realistic look of owls. But you can go that route, too.

Owl Bathroom Decor That Adds Interest

With any room you decorate, it’s important to consider all the directions in the room. Side to side, and up and down. An owl bathroom rug will bring the eye down, but then counter that with wall decor items. Carry the owl effect up toward the ceiling a bit with wall decals, like the ones featured here.

Then carry the owl effect across the room with a small wall shelf. You can place a few items on the shelf, like an owl toothbrush holder (minus the toothbrushes, of course) and maybe a small stuffed owl. This will create dimension in your bathroom decorating.

When you work with a theme for your bathroom decorating, think about unusual places for accents. This will give depth and interest to your room

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About the Author: Home decorating has always been one of the knacks that I enjoy. The little accents and accessories that make a room just perfect are my specialty. Without a lot of expense or big remake, the rooms of our home can become dreams come true. With more than 20 years of professional experience in re-creating rooms, this expertise comes to life for you bathroom. .


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  1. Cynthia says:

    These little owls are so adorable! They would certainly cheer up any bathroom. I know I wouldn’t mind being greeted by their little faces and big eyes everyday.

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